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Thank you so much for attending the EJ Gallo WOW event in Chicago and for allowing us to document your memories! It was great to see everyone. Please click on the links below for your images, they should be in the order that you took them. There is an option to download all of the images. This will give you the high resolution images. If you download individually the file will be a low resolution image and if you download them on a phone vs a computer they will be compressed. If for any reason there is a problem feel free to text or call me at 630.768.6393


Thank you!
Your friend and photographer,

Jessica Wielgot


Megan Crum

Alexa Maratea

Shannon McGuire

Stephanie Scharrer

Britain Young

Taylor LaRossa

Shelley Hall

Melisa Macdonald

Jayna Plante

Maria Nabholz

Hayley Mcinrue

David Moore

Casey Scharetg

Amy Gagen

Brianna Healy

Lisa smigielski

Rachel VanderWall

Jamie Harder

Rachel Panus

Kelly Parkos

Brittany Johnson

Kelly Taylor

Celsie Calvert

Monika Romano

Samantha Elferdink

Elaine Wida

Paige Codalata

Sarah Cho

Hillary Winningham

Taylor Scott  

Laurie Fenimore

Charis Nunez

Kristi Bowen

Holly McCarthy

Haley Harrod

Anna Shinners

Allyson Conway

Will Skinner

Christie Koerner

Elizabeth Gruns

Taylor Steed

Karen Mizell

Allison Kondik

Brittany Curry

Taylor Wilson

Lisa Wickhem

Lacey Enos

Amanda Buehler

Ashley Dunn

Mili Patel

Liz Beldin

Kelly Mancuso

Jennifer Murphy

Virginia Beck

Anna Newman

Sara Moquin

Patrick McBride

Marjorie Treacy

Carrie Kroll

Amber Scyphers

Claire Kane

Kathleen Kerr

Zakia Clayton

Julie Bepper



Jamie Vlasic

Chase Martin

Molly O’koniweski

Micaela Castele

Kylie Dodd

Allie Babcock

Megan Ford

Kristin Dardas

Diana Martin

Christina McClelland

Elizabeth Orozco

Leigh Merritt

Brittany DeLoach

Meg Simons

Jordan Richardson

Siobhan Stephan

Dan Caudill