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Thank you for your interest in my life’s passion!


I started my career journey as a professional hip hop dancer, where I continued dancing at Walt Disney World and later moved into event planning.  It was event planning that I studied in a Florida college where I found a new passion, surfing. I quickly fell in love with a new sport and way of life and my life journey as a photographer began. The first time I picked up an SLR camera was on a surf journey through Costa Rica. I fell in love with the camera, photography and creating beautiful and powerful images.  It was surf photography that started my career, followed by baseball, wrestling, football and basketball. I have always loved to observe people in following their passion and now I am able to document those memories.  I have gone from sports to weddings to children to portraits and I love them all equally and differently. Life has so much to offer and every photograph has a different story.  It would be hard for me to only select one style of photography that is my passion, so I have many and these photographs are just the start of my journey….


Your friend and photographer,

Jessica Wielgot (formerly Rifis)